3 Creative Grilled Cheese Recipes

By PBK Editors

One thing’s for sure: You can never be too old for grilled cheese. Share your love of this ooey gooey treat with these fun and creative takes on the American classic:

1. She Knows offers a twist that includes savory and sweet with her Ham and Apple Grilled Cheese – it’s sure to make your little ones light up:


2. PB&J, meet Grilled Cheese & J. This breakfast-style grilled cheese from Chow takes your basic toast to a new level with the easy addition of jam and cream cheese:


3. Have a picky eater in the family? No problem! Stay true to the classic 3 ingredients with Momofuku for 2’s extra-cheesy Inside-Out Grilled Cheese.


Surprise kids at school when you pack up one of these fun sandwiches in a PBK lunch bag. For more kid-friendly recipes, visit our Design Studio.

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