Thanksgiving Activities We Love

By PBK Editors

This Thanksgiving, keep little ones busy at the kid’s table with a few of our favorite holiday activities! From creating their own crayon masterpiece to making a list of things they’re thankful for, encourage kids to celebrate the spirit of the season with these inspiring activities.


A simple Tabletop Crafting Station from Design Studio is a great way to get crafty before the big feast. Cut a few seasonal shapes out of paper (like pumpkins and acorns), and have your little ones make their own name cards. Or, have each child design leaves to create a fun leaf-pile centerpiece.


In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, create a DIY Leaf Catcher from Handmade Charlotte, perfect for “catching” what your kids are thankful for. On the day of your family feast, you’ll have a beautiful decoration filled with unique, heartfelt thoughts.


Get outdoors and enjoy the fall foliage with a fun Leaf Maze from Happy Hooligans! This fun, active puzzle will work up quite an appetite in your little ones before the Thanksgiving meal.

Visit Design Studio to see our Thanksgiving Party and other craft ideas!



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