Mama-Kid Halloween Costume Pairings You’ll Want to Wear All Year Long

By PBK Editors

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October is here and we have one thing on our minds — Halloween costumes! As fun as picking out your own costume, you know what’s better? Deciding with your kiddos on how they’ll dress to celebrate this year. So when our friend Cassidy June, who created a beautiful room with PBTeen, told us she and some of her mama friends were going to complement their kids’ Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costumes with a homemade costume for the moms, we knew these would be looks we’d have to share. Not only are the pairings so creative, they’re simple enough to replicate at home! Today, Cassidy takes us through how she and her friends perfected each costume pairing.

Gold Fairy Dust

My most memorable Halloween nights were the ones where my parents dressed up with me. I decided to get some of my favorite mamas together to re-live those memories with our own children. Luckily, Pottery Barn Kids has the perfect costumes that every mama could easily coordinate with!

Gold Snow Fairy and her Pixie Dust

Mama and Kiddo: Cassidy and Rylie

My daughter flipped when she saw the Gold Snow Fairy costume in our Pottery Barn Kids catalog! I asked her what I should be if she was a fairy, and she said very matter of fact “pixie dust.” I thought it was a great idea but didn’t know how to make it work! My friend Abby (aka Field of Flowers below) suggested I go in the back of my closet and pull out the sparkly dress every mother owns but never gets a chance to wear. Perfect! So if your kiddo wants to be a fairy, pull out that sequin dress you haven’t worn in ages but never gave away, toss some glitter in the air, and sparkle on!


Field of Flowers and Bumble Bee

Mama and Kiddo: Abby and Lili

Bumble Bee Garden Costume

Guess what mamas?! The flower crown trend is not going anywhere, and lucky for us it makes the perfect field of flowers accessory! This look took about 10 minutes to make. We found an inexpensive green shift dress and glued on some faux flowers. Lili had fun buzzing around her mom and coming in for a landing to get some kisses. BeeandGardenTall

Mother of Dragons and Her Dragon Entourage

Mama and Kiddos: Isobel + Holden and Grayson
Mother of Dragons Costume

When we saw the Pottery Barn Kids Dragon costume, with it’s adorable little gold belly, we knew that channeling our inner-Khaleesi, from Game of Thrones, would be the perfect mama/babe combo! You could go all out with a Khaleesi ensemble, but we kept it easy with a simple text shirt and dramatic skirt. The Mother of Dragons is known for her powerhouse braids, so use this as an excuse to rock your best braid!

Text shirt: A Little Bundle

Black train skirt: Bel and Beau Shop

Dragon Kids

Rainbow and Raincloud

Mama and Kiddo: Nikki and Imogen


The rainbow is one of our absolute favorite Pottery Barn Kids costumes (And due to huge popularity, sold out online)! Nikki is the crafty mom of the bunch, so she took it upon herself to create a raincloud using a kids’ umbrella, lots and lots of cotton, and paper raindrops. The little curly-haired rainbow that followed her around put a smile on everyone’s faces.


We all had a lot of fun getting in the costume spirit with Pottery Barn Kids! We figure if we dress up too, we won’t feel as guilty for eating all the Halloween candy the morning after….happy trick-or-treating! Check out more photos from this shoot at Small Fry Blog.


Creative Direction: Cassidy June Photography: Chrissy Powers | Hair & Makeup: 1011 Makeup

5 Tips For Styling a Bright and Neutral Nursery

By PBK Editors

HarperNurseryFullA gender-neutral color palette in a nursery is a way to ensure the room grows with your child and their developing personality while also creating a comfy place for you, the adult, to hang out in during those precious early years. Hey, you matter too! With this in mind, we asked Caitlin Flemming, an interior designer and the blogger behind the gorgeous site, Sacramento Street, to help us create a peaceful nursery perfect for girl or boy. We’re excited to share her tips for designing a color- and gender-neutral nursery that encourages an adventure-filled childhood!

1. Pick serene colorsNeutral Nursery Color Palette

Which colors will help you find a little moment of zen during late-night feedings and soothe baby back to sleep at nap time? While everyone reacts to colors differently, you’ll find more calming benefits from a muted shade over a Technicolor wonder.

For this nursery, Caitlin picked cool-toned neutrals to keep the room feeling bright and airy. The color on these walls is Sherwin-Williams® Emerald® Interior Acrylic Latex Paint in Passive SW 7064.

2. View the nursery as an extension of your home decorPBK Campaign Dresser

If bubblegum pink and ornate furniture never made it past your front door before baby, don’t feel pressure to follow a “traditional” nursery look if it’s light years away from your personal style. When a classic campaign dresser has been on your wish list for ever, what better time to take it home than while decorating for your new family member?!

3. Make a statement without breaking the bankArrow Wall

We love that wallpaper is back in style, but truth be told, it can be an expensive design option. Make a playful statement wall by rolling up your sleeves and getting your DIY on. For this nursery’s accent wall, Caitlin dreamed up an arrow stencil inspired from a tapestry she saw on her travels through New Mexico. Not only does it add a personal story to the room, its cost is just a couple extra pints of paint and stencil film, as compared to rolls of wallpaper!

Check out Caitlin’s step-by-step DIY to recreate the arrow wall at home.

4. Create a whimsical play spaceNeutral Play Space

Nowhere in the rules of neutral decorating does it say “Must Not Include Flights of Fancy.” Let that whimsical side of childhood shine! Wanting to reflect the adventures and memories of her own childhood, Caitlin made a corner of the nursery a space where a child could retreat for story time or let their imaginations soar with friends under the Mini Dot Teepee.

5. Choose pieces you won’t mind seeing ALL over the houseReading Corner Nursery

If you’ve checked off step 2, the nursery reflects your own design sense, but don’t forget that once baby gets crawling, walking, and zooming down halls, what was once in the nursery will be out in the rest of the house. Opt for wooden toys, plush animal rockers, and classic books — you know, anything you won’t mind stepping on in the middle of the night!

How have you decorated your own gender neutral nursery? Share the looks with us on Instagram by tagging the photos #LoveMyPBK. Check out Caitlin’s DIY tutorial and her own experience styling this nursery on her site, Sacramento Street.

Seen in this nursery:

Classic Campaign Dresser | Mini Dot Teepee | Plush animal rockers

Declan Rocker | Gemma Campaign Crib | Harper Bedding

Glass & Metal Cage Pendant

Modern Mobile | Custom Sign

Take Your Bedroom to Hyperspace With a Star Wars-Inspired Mural

By PBK Editors

ICYMI, we’ve worked with the Star Wars crew on creating an amazing collection of decor and gear in homage to the space saga. We couldn’t create a world of Star Wars and just have a ho-hum wall complete the look. No, no, no! For the ultimate Star Wars bedroom, we teamed up with stylist, Maura Garrity, to create a wall mural inspired by Han Solo’s ship, the Millennium Falcon.


Imagine kids watching stars whiz by from their starship bed as they speed through the galaxy after you’ve recreated our hyperspace-ready DIY mural. Maura outlined the (easy, we promise!) steps below.

Supplies Needed

    • Paint
      • Base Coat: Sherwin-Williams® Emerald® Interior Acrylic Latex Paint – Iron Ore 7069
      • Decorative Colors: Sherwin-Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint – Gray Matters 7066 and Sherwin-Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint Nebulous White 7063
    • Blue painter’s tape for multi-surfaces
    • Drop cloths
    • 9-inch roller with a 3/8-inch nap roller cover
    • Good quality nylon/poly trim brush
    • Chalk snap line with a non-permanent color of marking chalk.
      • Lavender is best because it’s easy to wipe off, but blue would also be a good choice on this color wall.
    • Ruler or straight edge
    • X-Acto® knife and blades
    • 2 large stencil brushes
    • Stencil (or polyester) film
    • Permanent marker

Step 1

Cover flooring and any furniture with the drop cloths.

Step 2

Apply two coats of a latex base coat. We used Sherwin-Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint Iron Ore 7069 with a flat finish on the walls and semi-gloss of the same color on the trim and windows.

Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 3

Using the snap line, create chalk lines radiating out from the center point directly behind the bed.

**Enlist a friend to help tape your starburst lines from one end of the wall to the other.

Step 4 

Using your straight edge and permanent marker, draw the “star streaks” on the stencil film.

**Maura created at least four different stencils varying in size and some with two or three “star streak” lines a piece.

Step 5

Cut out your stencil shapes with the X-Acto knife.

Step 6

Tape the stencils along the chalk lines using the painter’s tape.

Step 7

Load the decorative paint of your choice onto the brush. Remember, less is more, so, remove any excess paint on a paper towel or rag. Apply the paint in a thin layer by dabbing the brush over the stencil’s openings.

Step 8

Carefully remove the stencil while the paint is wet.

**Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you’re happy with the results.

Step 9

Again using your straight edge and permanent marker, draw classic five-pointed star shapes on the stencil film.

**Repeat steps 5 through 7, arranging a handful of stars across the paint star trails.

Step 10

Hang string along some of the star streaks so that they appear to glow with the magic of the Force.


Voila! Now all that’s needed to complete the look is the new Millennium Falcon bedding, and you’ll have a room ready to navigate the galaxy!

In honor of our love of Star Wars, we’re giving away the ultimate Star Wars bedroom! From now through September 30, head over to our contest page to enter.

The Millennium Falcon Bed Is Real!

By PBK Editors

We’ve got something BIG happening this #ForceFriday for your little Padawan™ (that’s a Jedi-in-training). To celebrate the coming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and our own excitement in sharing the films with the next generation of Jedis™, we’re taking the Pottery Barn Kids Star Wars™ collection to the next level. There are new talking backpacks, Death Star™ beanbags, and sleeping bags that may never be put away, but the piece that’s spinning us into light speed? It’s our take on Han Solo™’s heroic ship — the Millennium FalconBED!


That iconic cockpit shape front and center of the bed is actually a play area with a reproduction of the flight control panel, the kids (or the kid in you!) can hop in and get right to battling the Empire. Because we can’t get enough of the bed, we had the ship’s lead designer takes us behind the scenes on how he carefully crafted this collector’s item piece.

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon bed is available for pre-order now and would look rather epic with the Millennium Falcon bedding, right?


After modeling a bed on the most legendary spacecraft in the galaxy, making gear kids could move from room to room and outside the home too was essential. First on our list: backpacks. The rebels and the Empire are both represented in the Darth Vader™, R2-D2™, and Chewbacca™ backpacks. With a press of a button each backpack plays sound clips of its character. Did we mention they can also be personalized with your little Jedi™’s name?


Selecting the perfect sounds was our designer’s favorite part of creating the backpack line, which she gave us a peek into below. Best. Job. Ever.

The matching sleeping bags are a must, right?


Ready for the icing on this galactic cake? We’re giving away the ultimate Star Wars Prize Pack! From now through September 30 head over to our contest page to enter.

And be sure to tell us which PBK Star Wars gear you’re snapping up this Force Friday by tagging us in your social media postings with #MyLittleJedi and @potterybarnkids.

May the Force be with you™!



© & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

Homemade Lunches Just Got Better

By PBK Editors

The first few days of school are filled with mixed emotions. Excitement, anticipation, maybe a little tear is shed (by us moms!). A great way to make your little one feel extra special during their first days back in class is to add a little surprise to their lunch box!


A sweet note paired with a yummy lunch is a perfect way to put a smile on your little student’s face!

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.22.15 AM

Cutting a sandwich in their favorite shapes will help even the pickiest of eaters enjoy a healthy lunch.  (Don’t forget to write their name inside of their lunch bag incase it gets forgotten on the playground!)


Words of encouragement on their next big test will go a long way, especially when they’re complimented with a flavored bagel sandwich and sweet fig bars.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.22.15 AM

Have some fun with the theme of their lunch bag! This peanut butter and jelly sandwich was built into a castle, inspired by our Mackenzie Dragon lunch print.


If your loving our creative shaped lunches and you’re in the mood to get a little crafty with your food, click here to shop our stainless sandwich cutters.

View more lunch ideas and our favorite lunch boxes here!

Capture the Moment: 5 First Day of School Photo Ideas

By PBK Editors

Creating a fun snapshot of the special moments on the first day of school is a perfect way to capture the memories and excitement for the adventures ahead. Here are 5 creative ideas from your fellow Pottery Barn Kids.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.11.25 PM

1. Say cheese in front of a colorful memory board that lists your little student’s age, dream job, hobbies, teacher and other fun fact


2. Strike a pose with your new Pottery Barn Kids backpack with fun back-to-school props.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.05.55 PM

3. Show us those smiles holding a handmade caption of the day with a best friend or sibling!


4. Walk the runway to school with your new fashionable school gear and capture the adventures along the way.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 9.17.40 AM

  1. Strut your style with some silly dress up accessories! Click below to download free back-to-school printables:

Photo Credit: @stefaniewarner07, @erinziering, @maggiestephens79, @pbkids_lynnfiel and @norwegianmum

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